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I try and visit Mum as often as I can. Life, work and my own young family make it hard to do this every day. This is where Mirror Care helps me, they provide Mum with daily support and also let me know if there are any problems.

Mrs. Thompson, Mirror Care Customer

The small sensors placed throughout my home mean that if I have a fall, I know help will come. But for me the best bit of their service is speaking with my Mirror Call Workers through the Mirror.

I see the same regular faces, I know them and they know me. We normally talk about three times a day about my general comfort, they remind me to take my pills, but my favourite thing is talking about what we think will happen next on Corrie.

Ms. White, Caree

Speaking with the same group of people every day means I’ve seen them at their best and I’ve seen them at their worst, sometimes the change in mood is just how they have got out of bed and sometimes it hints at a wider problem.

Justine Moore, Mirror Call Operator