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Our Service

Mirror Call operators communicate by voice or by sight with the caree in their own home through the Mirror Care Hub, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every week. This is a device that looks, when not being used, like a mirror or a picture hanging on the wall in the room caree uses the most.

The hub also receives data data from wireless sensors about the home which our artificial intelligence analyses to suggest that something, an event, has happened – a fall, problems with eating, the lavatory, with sleeping or wandering. We can even measure improving or declining health and wellbeing. After an event, the Mirror Call operators call the caree to check that all’s well and start a response if needed: from calling in a neighbour who has a key, to relatives, carers and medical responders etc. Mirror Call operators will also call carees an agreed number of times a day just for a chat to combat loneliness. Each caree gets a limited number of Mirror Call operators – their team.

We do a survey of the home first to find out what devices are best installed and where they should be positioned. We install and configure all the equipment. We find out about the caree’s history and interests and circumstances. The caree does nothing other than responding by voice to the Mirror Call operator’s “hallo”, or to start a call them themselves by voice or by pressing a simple button. Making it as sensitive and as easy as it can be for the caree.

Mirror Care follow carefully established protocols to govern all our work. We have an independent Board of Ethics that keeps an eye on us and which recommends best practice.