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Mirror Care is a 24/7 care support service for the elderly and infirm who want to stay in their own home. It uses a mixture of technology and human interaction to check that the elderly and infirm is well, to identify/anticipate problems (through sensors and artificial intelligence) and to combat loneliness. It can save on care costs and keeps the elderly and infirm where they want to be. Communication, through a “Mirror” like wall mounted tablet, can be voice or video initiated by the elderly/infirm themselves or our own Mirror Call operators.

We use technology in a new way. There is much research which shows that the elderly and infirm do not get on well with technology, finding it difficult to set up, remember to charge, operate. Mirror Care does this for all of them. The elderly and infirm do nothing other than answer to Mirror Care by voice or they can initiate a call by voice or by pressing a simple button. Mirror Care is not big brother. The system monitors the wellbeing of the elderly and infirm and alerts our Mirror Call operators to a potential issue from there on it is all real human interaction.

Mirror Care bring peace of mind to the elderly infirm and their loved ones by “being there”, picking up problems as soon as they happen and doing something about it – calling a neighbour who has a key; contacting relatives; coordinating with medical services and carers; at worst, summoning the emergency services.

Peace of mind: the bottom line for most people is they want to do the best they can for their loved one, the last thing that anybody would want to do is feel guilty.

The basic package includes three level II contacts per day – a level two contact is a Mirror Care call, a level one is a visiting carer. So, regular calls to combat loneliness and 24/7 monitoring.

No. Mirror Care work with companies that provide carers. Often the first port of call if Mirror Care detects a problem, we call the providers of care staff.

Mirror Care have done a great deal of research with the conclusion that a recipient of Mirror Care services never has to set-up and manage any equipment, Mirror Care does that, or just simply respond to our call by voice or by pressing a “Summons” button unless of course they want to.  There are numerous options of panic buttons available. Our standard package includes three monitoring devices.

No, CCTV is when you go online and buy an Internet-based camera where you can spy on grandma, this is not what we do. Everything Mirror Care does is based around a pre-agreed consent model. The consent model is monitored by a Board of Ethics chaired by James Leeming, an expert on medical information protocols and consent models and our Data Protection Officer. To find out more contact James on james.leeming@mirrorcare.co.uk.

There is an initial setup and installation fee the Mirror Care wall unit and control hub and sensors this can vary on location typically less than £500. From then on there is a monthly fee of £300, there is a minimum 12-month contract.

We make a massive effort to make it relevant, we make no pretence of getting it right all the time but we will do our best to get to know the person we are monitoring. Our operators will have a database backed by personal information in line with the pre-agreed consent model which could well include what happened in one of the soaps last night and is everything okay.

No, whilst we fully understand medical Informatics we do not ourselves hold any medical information other than current medication unless this is specifically agreed. We can broker medical information with third-party providers within an agreed consent model.

Yes, if the relevant GP practice has downloaded the Mirror Care app we can broker a call with your own GP. Alternatively, we can broker a call with an online GP.

Yes, there may be a small fee to broker the call (50p) assuming typical setup. Providing relatives or friends have installed the Mirror Care app (which is free) then they can have two-way video communication for hours free, in addition Mirror Care Social actively encourage family, old and new friends to call.

Mirror Care will know of a power cut as soon as it happens. The sensors it uses transmit their data all the time along with their battery status. Any change to that status triggers an alarm back at Mirror Care headquarters and we take action.

Not completely but is a great help because Mirror Care turns two points of contact today into five points of contact a day. We will also encourage our elderly and infirm to talk and see other members of the Mirror Care Social network, friends, relatives home and abroad and the Mirror Call operators themselves. We try to keep the numbers of Mirror Call operators working with each elderly and infirm to a tight team who become known faces and familiar with likes and dislikes, hobbies and, of course, their state of wellbeing.

We switch Mirror Care into Guardian mode so that it becomes a very sophisticated alarm and CCTV recording system protecting the property. This will continue until the elderly and infirm return home, the home is sold/rented to someone else or the contract ends and is not renewed.

The data kept is in the form of sensor data and on-going log data of the interactions between the elderly and infirm and Mirror Call operators. The former is used to identify possible events that may need Mirror Care to intervene and show general wellbeing (for instance, they are moving less and less – a sure sign of increasing frailty). It is stored in cloud memory (ie across many servers and impossible to hack). After a year after a contract has not been renewed, all data is archived (ie taken off-line). The reason for the year long retention of data is in case an investigation is initiated for some reason. The data may be pseudonymised (removal of all personal identifiable data) and shared for academic research purposes.

Everything Mirror Care does is based around a pre-agreed consent model. The consent model is monitored by an independent Board of Ethics chaired by James Leeming, an expert on medical information protocols and consent models and our Data Protection Officer. You can contact James and our board of ethics at any time if you have a problem/complaint or even a question “What if…” To find out more contact James on james.leeming@mirrorcare.co.uk.