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About Us

Here, at Mirror Care, we believe people and technology are the perfect combination.

Driven by personal experiences and technological advances in innovation, the team behind Mirror Care are dedicated to alleviating loneliness and improving the lives of the elderly by extending their independence at home.

We’ve designed, developed and built our unique concept from the ground up. Our Mirror device allows elderly, vulnerable, chronically ill, disabled and the lonely to have face to face video calls on a regular basis – whether it be with one of our dedicated Mirror Call operators (about general health, sleep, appetite and medication or just a general chat) or a family member, friend or their GP.

To compliment this service we use sophisticated artificial intelligence and modern integrated technologies, such as motion sensors, intelligent cameras, panic buttons, voice controlled devices and smoke detectors to confirm all is well.

We can make interventions if an incident occurs, ensuring they receive the correct care and assistance as soon as possible.

Our Motivation

Everyone gets lonely sometimes, no matter what their age. But for a growing number of people, particularly the elderly, frail and chronically ill, loneliness can have serious detrimental effects on their mental and physical health.

Loneliness and social isolation have a devastating impact on people’s lives placing a huge strain on the NHS and social care services. With a ‘Minister of Loneliness’ recently appointed, there has never been a more vital time for us to launch our service.

Many elderly people spend approximately 23 hours alone – every single day. They can go for several weeks without any form of contact with other people.

Loneliness and social isolation can increase the onset of dementia by 50%, also increasing the risk of depression, anxiety, stroke, heart attack, obesity and many other serious conditions.

Moving your loved one into a care home can be a daunting, depressing and costly process. On average residential care homes cost £32,000 per year, which could have a severe impact on savings and inheritance.

Our Team

Aan Mallyon

Alan Mallyon

James Leeming

James Leeming
Compliance, Ethics and Security Director

Jason Farmer

Jason Farmer
Technical Director

Lynne Claremont

Lynne Claremont
HR Director