Enabling independence
at home.

Mirror Care delivers dependable daily support, interaction and monitoring to vulnerable elderly and infirm adults living alone (whom we call the Caree), enabling them to maintain independent lives.

We lessen the cost and distress of moving to a care home and reduce the pressure of responsibility and guilt on their family members.

Our unique Mirror device allows daily video calls with our dedicated Mirror Call operators, reducing the negative impact of loneliness and social isolation. We also install of a range of devices around the home which continuously monitor movement, inactivity and falls.

How can
Mirror Care help me?

Elderly Relative

Mirror care user

Betty Watson
Mirror Care User

“I feel safer and know there’s always help if I need it”

Betty’s Son

Mirror care customer

Jack Watson
Mirror Care Customer

“My Mother no longer feels isolated in her own home”

Mirror Call Worker

Mirror call worker

Leanne Miller
Mirror Call Worker

“I’m able to support Betty and give peace of mind to her family.”

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Did you know?

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Loneliness is believed to increase the onset of dementia by up to 50%

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The cost to the NHS to care for older patients who are no longer in need of acute treatment is £850m

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416,000 people live in care homes in the UK, costing an average of £32,000 per year

Mirror Care can help